My life may not be going the way I planned it, but it is going exactly the way ALLAH planned it.
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Kita pernah dilukai. Oleh ucapan orang lain.
Kita pernah ingin mati. Oleh tatapan orang lain.
Kita pernah ingin pergi. Oleh ketidak pedulian orang lain.

Kita ingin hujan-hujanan biar air mata kita tidak terlihat.
Kita ingin sendiri biar sedih kita tidak diketahui.
Kita ingin orang lain pergi, sebab mereka tidak peduli.

Hidup ini sulit bila kita terus menerus sibuk memikirkan apa kata orang.


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I love you like “Beauty and the Beast” because to me looks doesn’t matter at all!

I love you like “Jasmine and Alladin" because with you, woman, I would do anyhting to be with you!

I love you like “Mulan and Shang" because no matter what may happen between us, I would always love you no…


Gossip Girl here, I love love. As evidenced by Chuck and Blair, 3 words, 8 letters can change so much

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